Orphans Shelter Foundation

Help Orphans Build Futures!

About us

Helping Orphans Build Futures!

We believe that families and communities need to be closer; that the helpless need a voice and an aim. Children are the future of society and must be our first priority to ensure a brighter tomorrow.

The Orphans Shelter Foundation, a registered UK charity, was initially founded on an idea and dream of former Chairman Late Hafiz Nisaruddin Ahmed, who started his original project Shah Waliullah Islamic Centre in Bangladesh in 1984. In accordance with his concept, we provide shelter, provisions and education for at least 300 orphan and poor children, through our four supported projects in Bangladesh.

We aim to:
> Provide shelter and education to orphans and the needy
> Create income generating projects for poor communities
> Train both men and women in skills which will make them self-sufficient
> Take care of the social welfare of the poor
> Provide medical care when required

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